To the Wild Child (and the Church that doesn’t know what to do with them)

Dear Wild Child, The world (and the Church) has never quite known what to do with you. Not quite fitting in the box, and not quite wanting to. The crazy one who fell in love with a wild, crazy, dangerous God. The one who so often feels silenced, invisible, because when you speak you’re told … Continue reading To the Wild Child (and the Church that doesn’t know what to do with them)


How far?

My time in Malawi is wrapping up and it’s bittersweet. I’m grateful for the month and a half I’ve spent here in this country that really is “the warm heart of Africa”. My love for Malawi came gradually, but I’ve grown to love life here in spite of the unique struggles and suffering that comes … Continue reading How far?

God in the Busyness

  Well, I leave for Malawi in 5 days. The last 3 weeks since getting home from South Asia have been far from relaxing between finishing finals, serving in a Vacation Bible School here in Bozeman, packing (which I’ve been lagging on), and fundraising (which still isn’t done). Can I just say that packing is … Continue reading God in the Busyness

Venture to South Asia 2018!!!

I’m sorry for not posting for so long! This last week has been full of goodbyes, finals, and last minute packing. We left Bozeman this morning and now we’re in San Francisco for 8 hours before we leave for Gu@ngzhou, Ch1na. There’s not much to report so far; everything has been pretty uneventful (thankfully). I’ll try … Continue reading Venture to South Asia 2018!!!